Pioneers in Titanium ENT Implants

Kurz middle ear intelligenceCCMed Ltd are proud to represent KURZ Med GmbH in the UK.

KURZ® pioneered in the use of Titanium in the production of passive middle ear implants. For over thirty years KURZ have led the way by setting the standard in innovation, quality and continuous clinical development.

This family owned business based in south-west Germany, continues to produce their implants exclusively ‘in-house’ thanks to its  highly specialised production facility.

Their enthusiasm and dedication to quality, along with understanding middle ear mechanics and clinical evidence, has helped make KURZ one of the most advanced Middle Ear reconstruction systems in the world.


The KURZ range covers implants and tools for some rhinoplasty procedures along with tympanoplasty and stapedioplasty.

Passive middle ear implants

Their use of innovative design and materials has set new standards in middle ear prosthetics throughout the world. For example, length adjustable prostheses can be shortened to a Functional Length of 0.75 mm along with new types of ball-joint designs, developed to help counterbalance the natural movements of the tympanic membrane.

Along with their attention to design, KURZ prostheses are made from pure titanium, either on its own or in combination with nitinol whilst their excellent weight balance creates prosthesis with optimal intraoperative stability. In terms of the coupling too, KURZ offers implants with anatomically shaped BELLS or CliPs and other smart designs for standardised coupling to the incus or stapes.

It is good to know that all KURZ developments are not only based on well-established anatomical understanding, but also the latest clinical research and extensive test series.

Benefits & Features

  • elegant design and fenestrated head plates for better intraoperative visibility
  • finely balenced weight distribution and partly roughened surfaces for additional stability and handling
  • conically shaped BELLs and CliP technology for standardized coupling
  • excellent biocompatibility
  • pure titanium (ASTM F67, medical grade) or titanium-nitinol combinations
  • MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla (for MR Information please click here)
Nasal Valve Implants

More recently we were awarded the opportunity to offer the Kurz Breathe a Wengen used in rhinoplasty procedures to widen and stabilise the nasal valve. This eliminates nasal airway obstruction and the pulmonary challenges it can cause.