Marpac 235 – The Paediatric Comfort Collar.

Paediatric (Ref:235) the Marpac Comfort Collars feature:

  • Built-in cushion material that helps protect the neck from direct contact with tracheostomy tube flanges
  • Cushion design suitable for both straight and V-style flanges
  • Easily adjusted for a variety of neck size

Also available in Adult size (ref:230)


The Marpac Comfort Collar was designed to help prevent tracheotomy-related pressure wounds, a complex problem in some cases.

These collars were cited in a clinical study as a possible cost-effective solution, reducing both material and labour costs.

McEvoy T, Seim NB, Aljasser A, Elmaraghy CA, Ruth B, Justice L, Begue S, Jatana KR. Prevention of post-operative pediatric tracheostomy wounds: A multidisciplinary team approach. Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngology 97 (2017): 235-9, (EPub ahead of print).


Ordering information:

Product Ref
235BPaediatric Adjustable Comfort Collar100pcsFSM4420
235DPaediatric Adjustable Comfort Collar10pcsFSM4421

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