Wiz-lock Extrication Collar

Wizloc is a re-usable, simple to administer and cost-effective solution to neck support.



  • An accurate fit, enhanced by the adjustable chin and occipital sections
  • Designed to be adjusted to the correct size whilst it is on the patient, thus ensuring the best possible fit
  • The chin and occipital supports quickly and positively lock into place
  • Openings at the rear and front of the collar promote maximum air circulation and allow access to the neck
  • Supplied with a labelling system to help monitor the number of times the collar is used
  • The Wizloc eliminates the need to invest in a range of different sizes of collar, providing cost savings and saving on storage space
  • Flat packed for simple storage X-rays may be performed with the collar in place


Length: 570mm
Height: 185mmThickness 60mm