Ventilator Anti-Disconnect ‘The Hub’

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The Marpac Anti-Disconnect device helps to keep the ventilator circuit securely attached to the tracheostomy tube, helping to avoid accidental disconnection. It can also increase the mobility of patients connected to such circuits, aiding recovery.

Made of a unique skin-friendly cloth/foam fabric, the device is available for both adults (ref 900) and children (ref 905). Another benefit of the device is that it is adhesive free yet secures firmly to the ventilation circuit.

Although Marpac’s anti-disconnect device will work with other tracheostomy collars, for best results it is recommended for use in conjunction with Marpac’s own range of velcro based collars Marpac Adult Collar Marpac Paediatric Collar

The device can be either threaded, or wrapped to the circuit, offering care providers flexibility and ease of use.

Ordering information
MPC NPC Name Qty
900B FSM4422 Adult Vent Circuit AntiDisconnect 100
900D FSM4423 Adult Vent Circuit AntiDisconnect 10
905B FSM4424 Paediatric Vent Circuit AntiDisconnect 100
905D FSM4425 Paediatric Vent Circuit AntiDisconnect 10

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