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When using the KURZ® TTP-VARIAC system there are some specifically designed accessories for use to close and secure the head plate and cut the surplus stem.

Compulsory Accessories

Micro Closing Forceps (Titanium) – used for securely fixating the head plate to the stem of the implant. This custom engineered device has be specifically developed for this important step and is compulsory.

Cutting Forceps (Stainless Steel) – used for the last step of the procedure, the device removes the surplus stem from the lateral surface of the head plate. What is left is a small pin that, when inserted, fixates the chosen  graft material (cartilage or fascia) between the implant and tympanic membrane. This device is compulsory when using the TTP-VARIAC.

Optional Accessories

Titanium Tweezers – used for the gentle handling of the implant.

Micro Scissors – The TTP-VARIAC is supplied with the practical AC Sizer Disk, the precisely determine the appropriate length for the implant. These useful Micro Scissors allows for the clean removal of the sizer from the disc.

Sterilisation Tray – When investing in the above instruments, it is worth keeping them safe and together during sterilisation. For this purpose Kurz produced a special tray to hold the accessories during sterilisation. Although optional, this device is highly recommended.


Sterilisation Tray








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