KURZ® TTP-VARIAC. Length adjustable

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Maximum variety – minimal inventory

The TTP-VARIAC System provides a degree of variability that is recognised and appreciated around the world: It is comprised of two variable-length titanium prostheses (one Partial, one Total) and the multifunctional ACsizer Disk.

The ACsizer  enables the surgeon to determine the required length of prosthesis with a high degree of precision. With this information the implant can be shortened to the desired length and – thanks to the patented clamping mechanism within the prosthesis head plate –  the head plate can be securely fixed to the implants stem.

Avoiding tension

It is known that the tension-sensitive annular ligament of the stapes footplate plays a significant role in the postoperative hearing outcome in ossiculoplasty. With the VARIAC system prosthesis as short as 0.75 mm Functional Length can be achieved, minimising the risk of unintentional tension.

Low inventory = low cost

One of the major advantages of the system is that is takes just two products to cover most requirements.

Made from Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade) the Partial implant can be adjusted between 1.75-4.50mm (in 0.25mm increments) offering a functional length of between 0.75-3.5mm.

The Total implant can be adjusted between 3.0-7.0mm (in 0.25 increments) and is compatible with the popular OMEGA CONNECTOR.

Supplied sterile, the prostheses are supplied with their own sizer disk.

Proven design

Like all KURZ implants the TTP-VARIAC offers great intraoperative visibility through the fenestrated head plate, whilst the partially roughened surface helps improve stability.



Important accessories:

The KURZ titanium micro closing forceps and stainless steel cutting forceps are required, whilst the titanium tweezers and micro scissors are optional. For more details click here







The set can be acquired with its own TTP-VARIAC tray to keep the set together during sterilisation.






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