Marpac 201 – Adult Adjustable Trach Tube Holder

Adjustable adult tracheostomy collar with twill/velcro ties. Designed to provide security and comfort for both care providers and patients alike.

Made in a purpose-built facility in the USA, conforming to EU regulations.


Adjustable collar, with a velcro/twill hybrid fastener. Offering the convenience of a velcro tie but with soft, strong, cotton twill sitting in the eyelets of the tracheostomy or laryngectomy tube.

Ordering information:

Ref         Description                                                                    Qty                        NHSSC

201B        Adult Adjustable Tracheostomy Tube Collar         100pcs                     FSM4408

201D*      Adult Adjustable Tracheostomy Tube Collar         10pcs                       FSM4409

*also on prescription (UK)