Tabband Shield Identification Wristbands

Seals the identification label behind an impenetrable crystal clear acrylic ‘cover’ which locks in information, protecting it from liquids and smearing.


Because patient information stays readable, you can leave the identification band on throughout the patients stay, avoiding the expense and nuisance of replacement. Shield comes in white, red and five other colours so you can colour code patients if required.

  • You can use it with any software system/programme that can print a label
  • You do not need proprietary software
  • Use any printer; no special printers or trays required
  • Use any label – laser or thermal
  • Pick either special hospital labels or standard office labels
  • The material itself is soft, so it doesn’t irritate delicate skin
  • All edges are blade-cut, not heat-cut, so they’re smooth
  • All Tab Bands have a powerful adhesive closure instead of a more expensive and abrasive metal or plastic snap


Box: 500 pieces
Lengths: 18cm, 25cm and 33cm
Widths: 3 Line (15mm) and 5 Line (25mm)
Colours available: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink