Tabband Max – Animal Id Collars

Maxcollars are the most widely used brand of temporary animal ID in the USA for one really simple reason: they work better than the others!


TabBand Max ID Collars STAY ON, so you’ll have 100% animal identification, 100% of the time! They stick together and stay on the animal. TabBandMax ID Collars are routinely left on cats and dogs for three months or more in the USA and the writing can still be read. Imagine how well they work for a short hospital or kennel stay.

  • Write directly on any TabBand Max with an ordinary ballpoint pen or pencil. No special pen required
  • The colors are laminated in, not printed on so they don’t run and turn a white poodle pink
  • Choose a 25 cm length for small dogs or cats and 50 cm length for bigger dogs.
  • Bands can be joined to achieve required length: put two 50 cm together for a St. Bernard and just snip off any excess length!