KURZ® NiTiFLEX Stapes Prosthesis

Short Video Summary

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The development of the KURZ® NiTiFLEX has been an important milestone in the evolution of stapes prostheses.

Taking the proven benefits of their CliP technology KURZ® has made the CliP from superelastic nitinol that greatly reduces the attachment force on the incus. Further, the prosthesis does not completely surround the incus. Instead its contact zones are laterally and medially for a reliable acoustic sound transmission.

Insertion of the implant can be aided by the use of the Soft CliP Hook (ref 8000 127)

The prosthesis shaft is made of Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade)

CliP is made of Superelastic Nitinol

Diameter: 0.4/0.6 – Band loop width: 0.25mm – Length: 3.5-5.5mm (in .25mm increments) see below.


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