KURZ® NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis

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By taking the proven properties of the KURZ® CliP stapes prostheses and adding the benefits of Nitinol’s shape memory, Kurz developed arguably the most advanced Stapes Prosthesis to date.

With its Pure Titanium stem and Nitinol loop, the NiTiBOND offers four contact zones with the mucosa, that conform to the asymmetrical dimensions of the incus.

Furthermore, unlike some other Stapes implants, NiTiBOND’s loop is activated via three independent activation zones that help prevent thermal transfer to the incus’ mucosa during laser activation.



The NiTiBOND is supplied with its own Therm-Dummy. A Dummy prosthesis that allows the surgeon to determine the correct laser settings outside of the middle ear.

The NiTiBOND in shaft diameters of 0.4 & 0.6mm and lengths 3.50-5.50mm



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