KURZ® Munich Type


The KURZ® Munich Type implant feature a very characteristic head plate design. Shaped a little like an umbrella, the extended rounded edge helps to create a wide, atraumatic contact zone to the tympanic membrane. The large fenestrations provide good visibility during surgery.

Optimal coupling is also facilitated thanks to the cannulated distal footing of the AERIAL implant to help increase fluid adhesion to the stapes footplate, whilst the concave surface of the BELL makes direct contact with a broad range of anatomical structures.

Made from Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade) the BELL partial implant is available from 1.75-3.50mm (in .25mm increments) giving a functional length options of 0.75-2.50mm, see below.

The AERIAL implant is available from 3.00-7.00mm (in .25mm increments) and is compatible with the popular OMEGA CONNECTOR

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