Marpac 330 – Adult ET Tube Holder

Instructional video


When developing the Marpac 330 there were 3 key principles that were followed. The ET tube needed to be easy top reposition by a single care provider, there should be minimal adhesive on the patients face and NONE on their cheeks and the product should be able to be in place for multiple days without replacement.

All were achieved with the latex free Marpac 330 design.

Some key benefits and features the Marpac 330 include:

  • Easy to use: Made to allow easy repositioning of ET tubes to accommodate oral care and minimize the chance of pressure sores.
  • Skin Friendly: Incredibly soft foam on patients face
  • Repositionable: Foam also provides unexpected grip to patients face without actual adhesive. This allows re-positioning.
  • Accommodates Patient Swelling: Neck strap allows re-adjustment during different states of swelling
  • Safe:  The nasal tape allows for a more stable position than cheeks and helps prevent the tube from moving down the patient’s mouth.
  • Observe Skin Condition: The skin under foam can be assessed without the need to remove of product.
  • Convenient: Nasal tape includes integrated NG tube adhesive strip.
  • All-in-One Kit: Alcohol wipe included to clean patient’s nose.  Additional nasal strips available.
  • Versatile:  Works for ET tube size 5 and larger


Ordering information – available direct or via NHS Supply Chain.
Product RefDescription QtyNHSSC Code
330DAdult Adjustable ET Holder The Track Premium10pcsFSM4402

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