Kurz Breathe Implant à Wengen

  • Reduced migration risk due to location and anchoring technique
  • Standardized surgical technique simplifies procedures and saves time
  • Defined stress ratios, uniform geometry and material thicknesses
  • Versatile technique also suitable in cases of previous nose surgery
  • Very good cosmetic result because of the thinness of the implant (only 0.5 mm)


Product Information

Restricted nasal breathing can have a variety of causes, such as collapse in the nasal valve area. Narrowing of the nasal valve and instability of the soft tissues of the lateral nasal walls can cause them to constrict during inspiration due to the Venturi Effect to the point of complete occlusion.

Nasal valve collapse is a common cause of nasal airway obstruction. Instability of the lateral nasal walls during inspiration from the Venturi Effect can result in pulmonary insufficiency. This can be counteracted with a Breathe Implant à Wengen. It is used to dilate the nasal valve for sufficient breathing. The implant is used to dilate the nasal valve and preserve airway patency.

In open or closed rhinoplasty, the Breathe Implant à Wengen, is sutured to the lateral nasal cartilage and covered with the alar cartilage. The Breathe Implant à Wengen is available in six different sizes. Size determination is selected through the placement of corresponding templates.

  • Dialates the nasal valve and permanently stabilizes the lateral soft tissue
  • Pre-shaped: no contouring required
  • Allows standardized method
  • Different implant sizes fit most anatomic, ethnologic and age-dependent physical varitions
  • Corresponding sizers facilitate the surgeon’s selection of the appropriate model for each patient

MRI conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla. Material: Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade)









a (mm)

b (mm)REF
Breathe Implant à WengenXS30.56002 011
Breathe Implant à WengenS40.56002 012
Breathe Implant à WengenM50.56002 013
Breathe Implant à WengenL60.56002 014
Breathe Implant à WengenXL70.56002 015
Breathe Implant à WengenXXL80.56002 016

Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenXS38000 249
Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenS48000 250
Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenM58000 251
Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenL68000 252
Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenXL78000 253
Sizer Breathe Implant à WengenXXL88000 254
Clinical Online Course

In January 2021 there was an online clinical course featuring the Breathe Implant. You can view the video here

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