Fold Stretcher

Uni-fold and Duo-fold. Ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient.



Standard Features Include:

  • Poles constructed from lightweight aluminium for easy lifting
  • Non slip plastic carrying handles
  • Spreader bars provide additional support
  • The orange vinyl fabric is impervious to stains and mildew for easy care and maintenance
  • Stirrup feet raise the casualty off the ground
  • Carrying bags are available for every model.

Collapsible spreader bars allow the stretcher to fold in width to a slim shape for stowage.

Folds in both length and width to an extremely compact size.


Length: Uni-Fold – 2060mm (overall)
Length: Duo-Fold – 2060mm (overall), 1030mm (folded)
Width: Uni-Fold – 550mm (overall), 110mm (folded)
Width: Duo-Fold – 250mm (folded)
Weight: 5Kg (Uni-Fold), 6Kg (Duo-Fold)
Load Capacity: 159Kg
Materials: Poles constructed from lightweight aluminium
Colours: Orange