Doppler – Blood Flow Monitor

Doppler Blood Flow Monitoring System



The Cook Doppler Monitoring System is designed to help detect early free flap failure.

Doppler offers the surgeon both visual and audible tracking of blood flow continuously, even during a procedure. When compared to clinical monitoring alone, it’s associated with significantly higher salvage rates.

This highly mobile device can be used in theatres and be moved with the patient into recovery and the ward, enabling constant monitoring of blood flow.

Video’s showing the Doppler in use can be found via Cooks Medical’s own website here

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Clinical Evidence

The literature shows that the use of the Cook Doppler can:

  • Decrease returns to surgery – Because the Doppler system offers objective monitoring at an earlier stage, it has been associated with a decrease in returns to surgery (1).
  • Offer higher salvage rates – When compared with clinical monitoring alone, Doppler offers higher salvage rates (2,3) a systematic review and meta-analysis showed an increase of between 57% and 73% with the Doppler (2).
  • Offer lower failure rates – It has also been shown that using an implantable Doppler may reduce the number of flap failures by at least 37% (2).
Ordering information
Name Order Number Part Reference Number Cuff Length mm
Doppler Blood Flow Monitor G55328 DP-M350 NA
Doppler Extension Cable G21364 DP-CAB01 NA
Standard Cuff G21363 DP-SDP001 17.4
Long Cuff G03014 DP-SDP002 32
Doppler Monitor Battery Charger G55458 DP-M350-CHG1 NA
Doppler Monitor Cable-Verifier G31632 DP-MCV01 NA

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