Custom service – Marpac


CCMed, along with are partners at Marpac, are committed to providing quality devices that make the lives of patients and their care-providers easier and more comfortable.

Marpac is one of only a few medical device companies that make all their products in-house.

This gives them full control on quality and development, as well as the flexibility to offer a Custom Service, providing  customers with bespoke devices to meet nearly any needs and situations.

The products you can customise include:

  • Adult Tracheostomy Collars
  • Paediatric Tracheostomy Collars
  • Bariatric Collars
  • One-Piece Collars
  • Two-Piece Collars


Examples of recent Custom Collars

Whatever you need for your patient, we can discuss your requirements over the phone 01264 332172 to understand your needs and possible solutions. In some of the more complex cases we can even have Marpac produce a prototype for evaluation.

Then we name your specific device, detail its length, width and material etc and give it a personal code that you can use to order.

Because Marpac make all their products in-house, turnaround is quick and reliable.

To find out more please contact us on 01264 332 172 or email or simply send an info request