Beasy Trans

These revolutionary transfer devices are designed to help reduce the risk of back injury caused by the constant lifting of patients.

This “S” shaped device incorporates a flat seat that slides laterally along its length, allowing the attendant to glide the patient from one position to another without actually lifting.



For greater flexibility the seat rotates a full 360 degrees. Manufactured from polymers, the BeasyTrans helps to eliminate the friction associated with the moving of patients by conventional means.
The ends of the BeasyTrans are tapered to a minimum thickness to enable simple placement under a patient. This versatile system has applications in many environments. It is ideally suited for moving seated patients from a wheelchair to a car, a shower or commode.

It may also be used to transfer conscious, recumbent patients from a stretcher trolley onto a hospital bed. The BeasyTrans is positioned under the patient’s buttocks. Attendants at the head end and foot end grasp the patient and transfer across. When positioned lengthways at the bottom of a bed it may be used to slide the patient from the foot end to the top of the bed.

The BeasyTrans can be used at RTA incidents. In this application it enhances the smooth extrication of a correctly immobilised casualty from a vehicle. Placing the Beasy between the vehicle seat and a stretcher trolley enables the attendant to extricate the casualty without jolting or lifting.

Lightweight and durable, the Beasy is available in two lengths, 101cm and 70cm. It is compact and slim and may be easily stowed in a vehicle.

The Beasy is simple to clean and maintain and may be completely dismantled for thorough disinfection.
The Ferno Transfer Belt is designed for use with the BeasyTrans and the Beasy II. It features handholds to help maintain a secure grip of the patient and is available in two different sizes.


Length: 1010mm (BeasyTrans) 700mm (Beasy II)
Thickness: 38mm (BeasyTrans) 38mm (Beasy II)
Diameter: 3050mm (BeasyTrans) 3050mm (Beasy II)