KURZ® Angular CliP & Angular Plester Prostheses

Short Video Summary

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These prostheses are designed to reconnect the incus and stapes and bridge the incudostapedial joint via two mechanisms.

The KURZ® Angular CliP offers standardised coupling to the stapes head via the spring-loaded CliP design. The Angular Plester offers secure coupling via the more traditional Bell shaped design.

In both cases the two titanium bands are crimped to the remaining incus, a method that has been proven to be consistent and stable over many years. Both implants offer a neutrally placed solution for these kind of cases and can also be draped by cartilage laterally to help protect the tympanic membrane.

Both implants are made of Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade) and are available in two lengths 2.25mm & 3.25mm. Shaft diameter is 0.2mm. See below.


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