KURZ® Angular CliP & Angular Plester

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Preserving the original structures

One of the challenges of middle ear surgery is to preserve as much of the original structures as possible. When recommunicating the incus and stapes from discontinuity, preserving the native ossicles from progressive atrophy in a neutral position are important design configurations.

The Angular CliP and Angular Plester are prostheses that bridge the incudostapedial joint via two mechanisms.

The Angular CliP

The Angular CliP bridges the incudostapedial joint via two mechanisms: The highly popular CliP design feature springloaded foils that provide a secure atraumatic fit to the stapes, whilst the two titanium bands are crimped to the remaining incus long process. This type of reconstruction creates a bridge for the incoming acoustic signal. Its design pays particular attention to ligamental stress with its neutral fit. Cartilage may be draped on the prosthesis laterally to protect the tympanic membrane.

The Angular Plester

The Angular Plester Prosthesis creates a secure, standardized connection between the stapes head and the long process of the incus . It features a more traditional bell that is placed on the superstructure and two titanium bands which are crimped to the remnant incus. This mechanical coupling has proven to be relatively stable. Even in cases where the distal end of the incus is considerably eroded, the Angular Prosthesis has been shown to provide a reliable, neutrally placed solution. Cartilage may be draped laterally on the prosthesis to protect the tympanic membrane.

Well tolerated.

Both implants are made of Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade) a material that has been demonstrated to offer excellent tolerance, even long-term. The prostheses are available in two lengths 2.25mm & 3.25mm. Shaft diameter is 0.2mm. See below.


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