Allevac Tactical / Rapid Install / Medevac Rack

TRIMER Tactical / Rapid Install / MedEvac Rack allows every mission aircraft to have a tactical casualty evacuation capability.

Remote and dispersed engagements with extended evacuations are the reality of today’s battlefield.

Currently fielded medical packages severely limit aircrafts range and performance due to size and weight.



Many units remove the medical package and treat casualties on the floor which is inefficient and potentially dangerous. With the TRIMER you can carry a full complement of operators or cargo but convert to carrying two critical casualties in a matter of seconds. The TRIMER installs in UH-60’s in p lace of the four back seats with or without internal fuel tanks. The rack utilizes existing seat mount positions and does not require any permanent alterations to the air frame. The entire system, unlike currently fielded litter racks, has a very low weight penalty and can be installed/removed in minutes.


Length: 68 in
Width: 23.25 in
Height: 53 in
Load Rating: 265 lb (per litter)