Marpac 108 – One-piece collar (Twill only ties)

An adult/large child version of the popular Marpac 107.

Adjustable twill only collar suitable for patients with 12-21″ neck.



Having been asked by many sites to produce a twill only tie for adults, we are delighted to offer the Marpac 108. Featuring a comfortable foam laminate collar with cotton twill only ties, the 108 is the ideal tie for adults and larger children as they outgrow the popular Marpac 107.

With the growing use of specialist silicone tubes with adults, the 108 is ideal for those patients requiring the safe and comfortable securement of their silicone tracheostomy tube.

Ordering information:

Ref Description  Qty NHSSC Code
108B Adult one-piece with twill only ties (12″-21″ neck) 100pcs FSM4406
108D* Adult one-piece with twill only ties (12″-21″ neck) 25pcs FSM4407

*also available on prescription