ET Tube Holder – with track system

Adjustable ET holder featuring a custom designed track/tab system for easy adjustability. No adhesive touches the patient’s skin.


The Marpac range of adjustable ET Tube Holders enable the quick, efficient and secure application of ET tubes. Made of a special lightweight material, the Marpac range is adhesive free and available for both adults (320, 330 – for ET tube size 5 and above) and Paediatric (325 – for ET tube size 3.5-6).

Key features of the Marpac range include:

  • Easy repositioning of ET tubes to enable oral care and help reduce the chance of pressure sores.
  • Incredibly soft foam on patients face.
  • The foam material is soft on the patient’s skin, yet grips without the need for adhesive. The material can be re-positioned if required.
  • Can be adjusted during different states of swelling

There are different design options, offering flexibility. Each has its own set of features, so please contact us for more information info request.