A.S Saliva Orthana 500ml Refill


Supplied with an empty 50ml spray bottle, the A.S Saliva Orthana 500ml refill is ideal for people looking long-term Dry Mouth relief.

Many people choose to store the 500ml in the door of their fridge and simply refill their 50ml pump spray when required. This great tip from users can further enhance the soothing effect. See below for a short animation that shows you how to get the best results from your Dry Mouth Spray.

Alternatively the solution can be administered via a 5ml spoon/cup before and after meals, this is often reported to help people eat and swallow.

This product is also available on prescription in the UK. See below for details




The A.S Saliva Orthana 500ml refill is supplied with an empty 50ml spray. This cost-effective refill is great for people seeking long-term Dry Mouth Relief. A.S Saliva Orthana is a medical device listed on Part IXa of the Drug tariff – Dry Mouth Products. Pip-code 030-1812 (often used by a pharmacist to source and dispense the product) Prescribing the 500ml can reduce prescribing costs by 30%.


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