CCMed are proud to represent Marpac, leaders in airway securement, providing security, comfort and peace of mind.

Marpac offer a truly comprehensive range of neonatal and paediatric tracheostomy ties, as they understand that not all patients are alike. One-piece, two-piece, velcro, twill and even a hybrid/cushioned collar feature in this full range.

But that is not all that makes Marpac different, being a dedicated airway management company allows them to truly focus on developing a range that offers comfort and peace of mind to both the patient and health care professional.

  • The full Marpac range is produced in a purpose-built facility in the USA, conforming to FDA & EU regulations. Made by a dedicated team of highly skilled machinists. No robots here!
  • All core lines being supplied in biodegradable packaging, with more lines following as inventory allows.
  • All areas of the business, including design, production, inspection, packing and shipping are done in-house. Nothing is outsourced, helping to ensure consistent high quality.
  • Along with their standard box sizes, the Marpac range is also available in boxes of 100pcs, reducing ordering, packaging and unnecessary freight.

Finally, if you have a special case that requires a bespoke collar we are the only company that currently offers a Custom Service. So, if you have a patient with a particular need, do let us know and we will work with you and Marpac to add comfort and securement to all tracheostomy patients.

Marpac,  securement devices you can count on.