Dry Mouth : Testimonials

Dry Mouth should not be ignored, it can lead to a rapid increase in dental decay and an increased risk of mouth infection.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity of helping Dry Mouth sufferers gain relief from their symptoms. We are always happy to receive positive feedback from both patients and professionals alike.

“For the first time in 6 years my mouth feels normal!”
Mrs Rogers – Patient

“Very taken with the lozenge, convenient and low profile.”
Mr Bridgman – Cancer Survivor

“My dad is suffering with dry mouth due to cancer treatment and I gave him a couple of your samples (AS Saliva Orthana). He said it definitely made a difference and made him more comfortable.”
Mrs Taylor – Dental Therapist

“The dentists and hygienists have recommended A.S Saliva Orthana and the patients have reported back that it is the best product that they have tried. It did not foam as alternative products have a tendency to do. The lozenges were also well received by patients as they were easy to use and fitted into a handbag for convenience.”
Mrs Cox – Dental Professional