Dry Mouth : Professionals

Patient Leaflet:

Our patient leaflet offers a brief summary of Dry Mouth, the symptoms and possible solutions. It also provides an overview of the A.S Saliva Orthana range.

The full leaflet is available from the office. Please call us on 01264 332172 or use the contact form to request copies of any or all of our patient support material Contact form

Where to Spray:

Like all medical devices, getting the best results from our Dry Mouth sprays requires appropriate use. Simply spraying into the mouth is not enough. This pictorial guide helps patients ensure they get full coverage with the spray, for best results. Where to Spray

This flyer is available via the office. Contact form

To help patients we have produced a short animation to ensure they get the best results. This can also be found on our products page.

Prescription Request Form:

Used by healthcare professionals to help ensure their patient’s are prescribed their preferred Dry Mouth product, this simple form offers all the necessary information a GP needs to prescribe. Prescription Request Form

Also available via the office as a multi-page pad. Contact us via this form to request a copies of all our patient support material. Contact form

Xerostomia Bother Index:

Some of our healthcare professional clients asked us to produce a tool to help assess and monitor a patient’s symptoms. The result was the Xerostomia Bother Index, an easy to use, patient led questionnaire that helps patients to score the severity of their symptoms and possibly identify areas of further investigation and clinical intervention. You can download the sheet from here Xerostomia Bother Index, but is also available as a tear off A4 pad via the office. Contact us via this form to request a copy. Contact form

Challacombe Scale:

This leading clinical assessment tool for oral dryness is available from the office in poster form. You can click on this link to download a simple A4 version. Challacombe Scale Sheet

But, don’t forget to visit the Challacombe Scale website for obtaining CPD points. Click here to be transferred to this site; Challacombe Scale Website

Clinical Evidence:

We believe that best practise should be based, not only on personal experience, but also evidence base. In terms of Dry Mouth there are not masses of clinical papers but, unlike most other products, A.S Saliva Orthana has featured in some peer reviewed publications. The below animations show a few of their findings.

Social Media:

You can also follow us on Twitter @DryMouth_Relief or indeed via our Facebook page Saliva Orthana. To find out which clinical events we are supporting in your area, keep an eye on our events page Clinical Events.