Our History

Established in 1966, CCMed UK has been supplying the MoD, NHS and Private Hospitals for over 50 years. It is made up of several successful companies; Childerhouse Medical, Chambers Medical Care and AS Pharma that came together under the name CCMed is 2011.

Our core business is Airway Management and Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) as a result of our longstanding relationship with Marpac Inc and BioFac.

In 2019 CCMed Ltd became the exclusive UK partner for Kurz GmbH, representing their leading Otology and Rhinology ranges. Then in 2020 we were chosen to become the UK partner for Cook Medical (OHNS), presenting their exciting Otolaryngology portfolio. This has led us to become even more involved with ENT and maxillofacial surgery.

As a whole CCMed has a wealth of experience. We are passionate about helping to improve outcomes and the quality of life of patients via the innovative products we represent. We also work closely with clinical professionals and manufacturers alike to help identify and then solve the unmet clinical needs of the NHS, Private Hospitals and MOD.