Emergency & Rescue

Inflatable splints

Inflatable splints

  • New, imprived valve and more robust
  • Fully welded without any open seams or textiles, making hygienic cleaning easy
  • Most suction devices fit directly into the valve, no adapters are needed
  • X-ray may be taken with the splints in place
  • Granules disperse evenly to give the patient stable and optimal immobilisation
  • Flame retardant and highly flexible, making it easy to mould around the patient 

The Vacuum Mattress Stretcher 

  • One-piece back, providing patient with even spine support.
  • Handles feature an ergonomis grip, making patient lifts are comfortable for the rescures

news & events

19th January 2015

Head & Neck Cancer Study Day

Royal Marsden Head and Neck Study Day

20th February 2015

Age UK Dry Mouth in the Elderly

6th March 2015

Christies Cancer Centre Head and Neck Study Day

6th March 2015

Swallows 3rd Birthday Charity Evening

17th March 2015

THANKS Head and Neck Support Group

7th April 2015

Sjogrens Society Support Day Dry Mouth Awareness

17th April 2015

Head and Neck Study Day

Royal Gwent Hospital

22nd April 2015

Wellness Day


24th April 2015

BAHNO Royal College of Physicians

28 - 29th May 2015

Oral Medicine Conference


23rd June 2015


Doncaster Royal Infirmary

1st July, 23rd September, 16th November 2015

Quality of Life and Wellness Head and Neck Cancer


1st October 2015

Speech and Language conference

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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