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The great team at CCMed provided delegates with the complete package to assess, monitor and manage dry mouth.

Professor Stephen Challacombe of Kings College London gave a presentation to hygienists and therapists about The Challacombe Scale which is a product of Professor Challacombe’s detailed research into the clinical signs of dry mouth.

The highly attended lecture provided a spectacular insight into Professor Challacombe’s research and his analysis of the most common causes of dry mouth. Delegates were able to obtain a deeper understanding of how to recognise the clinical signs of dry mouth, monitor the progression or regression of the symptoms and clearly understand when to refer a patient.

Following Professor Challacombe’s lecture, delegates were keen to learn more about treatment options available for their patients and the CCMed team were delighted to discuss concerns delegates had about their patients and introduce the AS Saliva Orthana range.

Delegates liked the fact that AS Saliva Orthana is a natural product and does not contain any chemicals and so is better tolerated by many patients. Because it is similar to human saliva and ‘mimics’ the way saliva works, AS Saliva Orthana has excellent film forming properties which enable it to provide a longer lasting coating in the mouth than other saliva substitutes.

AS Saliva Orthana also being pH neutral and containing fluoride sealed the deal for the majority of delegates who will now join the thousands of clinical professionals across the UK prescribing, recommending and purchasing AS Saliva Orthana.

For more information or to get your copy of the Challacombe Scale please visit


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