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Challacombe Scale Launch

Professor Challacombe gives his presentation


The A.S Saliva Orthana stand

CCMed’s fight against dry mouth took Niki & Ellie to Glasgow, supporting the British Association of Dental Therapists at their 49th National Conference.

Professor Stephen Challacombe stole the show with a presentation on The Challacombe Scale which was described as ‘balanced, informative and relative’₁. Therapists are among some of the biggest supporters of The Challacombe Scale and champion its global progress. As therapists see many cases of dry mouth, they use The Challacombe Scale widely to assess, monitor and refer patients and recommend AS Saliva Orthana to help manage symptoms.

Many delegates were keen to take further information on A.S Saliva Orthana, as they had patients in mind who are in need of effective management for their dry mouths. Whilst others were very keen to talk about their patients, who have told them that A.S Saliva Orthana has had a positive impact on their lives, and very effectively relieves their symptoms of dryness.

Many Dental Health Practitioners now regularly recommend A.S Saliva Orthana to their patients which is available through prescription, over the counter or directly from CCMed Ltd.

CCMed have a produced a ‘Prescription Request Pad’ which is available free of charge to all Clinicians. Clinicians assess the patient and enter, on a tear-off sheet, which A.S Saliva Orthana products they believe the patient needs. The patients can then take this to their GP’s (or other prescribers)or directly to the pharmacy.

CCMed would like to say a special thank you to Sally Reid & Sandy Kowkabzadeh whose excellent organisational skills made the event so special.

₁ Deborah Ryan BADT


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