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732 miles across some the UK’s most congested motorways, we (Niki and Ellie) travelled over 4 days to attend 3 conferences in a row. Although exhausting the conferences proved to be some of the best yet, confirming DRY MOUTH to be the buzz word everyone is talking about and not just in the South.

Day 1: Maidstone Head and Neck Cancer Study day – Firstly the A.S Saliva Orthana pop up banner refused to come out of its metal case, which is an exhibiting nightmare! However it only made us all the more determined to put on our best smiles and witty banter to attract people to our stand. At first delegates were a little nervous venturing into the trade room for fear of being the first trade victim, as it is well known we sale reps drink blood. However by morning coffee break we were all chatting away and friends. The highlight of the day for us was speaking with Head and Neck cancer sufferers all of which were battling with their dry mouths. One lady stood out in mind the most, she was initially very adamant that she had tried everything and nothing worked for her dry mouth. After listening to her we discussed how she had been applying the products and gave her a sample of A.S Saliva Orthana to try straight away. We carefully advised her to spray where the saliva glands exit, so firstly she sprayed under her tongue, she immediately looked up at us and commented on how nice that felt. After applying A.S Saliva Orthana under the tongue, into the cheeks, roof of the mouth and the top of tongue she was amazed at the difference it made. She came back a little later to tell us she was still noticing the relief.

After lunch we packed up and headed 366 miles to Liverpool. On arrival we were excited, however our Sat Nav promptly lead us into the Liverpool tunnel dashing our hopes of seeing some more of the city. After a minute or two in the tunnel it was apparent that it was much longer than we first thought and the sat nav had conveniently lost its satellite signal. When finally emerging back above ground we paid the toll and drove on, the Sat Nav however had other plans...! When coming back to life it re-directed us round and back into the tunnel, then once again lost signal abandoning us to our fate. We repeating this pattern of going back and forth through the tunnel a few more times, until Niki, unable to take it any more upon emerging from our 4th trip underground pleaded with the toll man for help. We eventually made it to our hotel.

Day 2: Quality of Life Conference – Based at the Hard Days Night Hotel, we were at the funkiest function to date. However we were determined not to be distracted by the multi-coloured carpet or Beatle memorabilia hung all over the walls and got down to the serious business of the day; dry mouth. The responses from delegates were great, from CNS Nurses and Speech & Language Teams to Dieticians and Dentists everyone knew someone with a dry mouth and wanted to help. They were keen to learn that A.S Saliva Orthana had been clinically proven to have stronger film forming properties than CMC based alternatives, making it last longer. Delegates were keen to take samples back to patients and get their feedback.

After a hard day’s work we headed on over to the Liverpool ACC to set up our stand for the BSDHT (British Society for Dental Hygiene and Therapy) conference the following day. Following on from the death of our pop up banner we were pulling out the big guns and erected the A.S Pharma spider stand.

Day 3: BSDHT Liverpool ACC – The quiet before the storm, all stands look fantastic, samples lined up in rows with labels facing forwards, pots full of pens, leaflet holders packed full of literature, sales reps eagerly awaiting the first sign of interest or eye contact. Then it begins, registration! At first there are a few delegates, then there are more than you think you can handle, but the sales rep in us takes over and nobody leaves the stand uninformed. Delegates hungry for information and ‘freebies’ descend upon our immaculate stand, pots of pens knocked over, samples are stuffed into bags. Without a doubt it is the exciting and fast moving conversation that makes it so much fun.

Rhiannon Jones presented a great interactive lecture on Xerostomia and the problems it causes in people’s lives. We all felt especially sorry for the 82 yr old lady in the case study she presented, who suffers terribly with dry mouth, after the removal of the salivary glands on one side of her face. This lady was especially affected by the fear of choking on food or medication as a result of her dry mouth, which she had been battling with for over 10 yrs. It made me want to track her down and give her a never ending supply of A.S Saliva Orthana.

Delegates after Rhiannon’s lecture flooded to the A.S Pharma stand to receive copies of The Challacombe Scale and learn about A.S Saliva Orthana and how it can help by lubricating the mouth and protecting against dental infections.

Towards the evening of Friday (day 3) began the champagne and nibbles, which of cause it would be rude to refuse. Once everyone had had one or two glasses of champagne, we were lucky enough to be able to dance the evening away to the Mersey Beatles. Having had so much fun dancing to the Band and motivated by the champagne many headed out to The Cavern to continue the evening. That is all I have to say about that....

Day 4: BSDHT Saturday – Some had a slower start to the day than others. We however ate a good breakfast and got ready to make the final day the best day.

Following on from the success of the day before, everyone was talking about dry mouth and seeking out the A.S Pharma stand. The Challacombe Scale was very popular as many Hygienists and Therapists wanted a way to quantify Xerostomia in their patients. Once they had diagnosed dry mouth they were keen to explore therapy options and A.S Saliva Orthana was by far the best one available. Delegates loved that their patients could get A.S Saliva Orthana on prescription or could buy it over the counter at pharmacies nationwide.

At the end of a long 4 days and a long drive home we were tired but pleased we made the trip and were lucky enough to meet so many wonderful people. We can’t wait to go back to Liverpool in December for the Aintree Head and Neck study day.

Written by Ellie Arthur, Regional Account Manager, CCMed Ltd.

If you would like a sample of A.S Saliva Orthana or The Challacombe Scale please email your enquiry to Ellie and Niki at or call 01264 332172.


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